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Nekopara - Coconut - 1/4 (BINDing, Native) Anime Figure Unboxing / Review

Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

hello, unfortunately my camera is often too bright and I'm sorry for my not so good english.
If you put on the cloths, I would wash the black dress with light warm water beforehand so that the black goes a little bit off the dress. It would be best to put a cloth in the bucket with water which soaks up the black color, because there is something white on the collar, not that the gray turns from the black.

Unfortunately coconut has on the neck what I saw where the dress on the neck closes not a silver chop like with chocola and vanilla, but a black hook, which already stained the skin of coconut after 2 days.
If you do not want this, I recommend placing a small piece of soft paper between the skin and the closure.
Unfortunately, it is very risky for figures with a fabric cloth because black is a very aggressive color.

You should know for yourself whether you want to risk putting the figure on with a cloths, or rather avoid stains.

For my information about the figure:

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