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Unboxing Britney Torso Sex Doll from Tantaly / Sex Toy Review by Big Booty Becka

Published on 30 Jun 2021 / In Film & Animation

Y'all! I have a torso sex doll from Tantaly for unboxing and review and as you'll see in the video I am way too excited about it. It's another sex toy review by Big Booty Becka!

What am I going to do with a torso with a vag? I'm gonna fondle her boobies and show it to every guest who comes to my house. Maybe when I get sick of men I'll send them out my room with her so I can be in peace.

This doll's name is Britney, she weighs around 30 pounds and has F cup tittays. She is so soft and squishy, I love just feeling her, it's super soothing. Her boobs are straight up incredible, I'll be using them as stress boobs as well as a pillow. Amazing! The inside of both holes are ridged for great peen pleasure. They feel the same to my fingers, but I guess two holes are better than one? lmao

The reviews on Tantaly's website for Britney were super positive so I'm sure you'll love her.

Use code "Becka" to get 10% off entire order!
Link to Britney:

0:00 Intro
1:26 Reviews about Britney
2:15 Unboxing
2:50 First Look
4:49 So Realistic
5:25 Diving Into Britney
6:08 Inside the Booty
6:25 Britney Loves Lingerie
7:05 Like, Comment + Subscribe!

I love you and you better subscribe, you beautiful creature! xoxo

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