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World's Fastest E-scooter Dualped Up Close & Questions Answered..90+km/h

Published on 28 Aug 2020 / In Other

New Dualped's now available from $1499!!
Demos now available for $1750!!

[a][/a] text us for instant info at 647-951-4207
A closer look at the Dualped and several questions answered..enjoy the video and please subscribe many FREE giveaways at 10K subs and who knows one day many of these Dualpeds may be the prize I'm giving away..

We are Dualped, a manufacturer of high end quality electric scooters...We use proprietary motors NOT AVAILABLE ELSEWHERE they are EXCLUSIVE to Dualped..we also use the highest quality materials for our products and have an awesome quality control team that has just about perfected inspections before they go out..our quality control is so good that our defects are below 1% and we also issue a 1 year warranty on top..

Competitors from Korea charge for almost identical scooters $3500-$5800 yet ours is FASTER than theirs, we use almost the exact same parts and charge our customers ONLY $2450 for the FASTEST electric kick-scooter in the world to this date.

We have limited quantities in stock at the moment so if you want to order one we can ship immediately..a much bigger run is arfound the corner with large inventory so every order gets filled.

To order one visit us at [a][/a] and for any other questions feel free to email us at and YES we ship world-wide.

This was shot with the Garmin Virb Ultra 30

I hope you enjoyed this video and don't forget to please like, comment and subscribe for many free giveaways I will start at 10K subscribers.

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